THE Call

*phone rings*

Me: “Hey Kenneth!”

Best Friend/Boyfriend: “Hey! I just got out of class!”

Me: “Come on over!”

*I get another call from an Unknown number*

Me: “Hey, I’ll call you back in a minute, I’m getting another call.”

*switch calls*

Me: “Hello, this is Arizona.”

Other voice: “Hey, Arizona, this is Alan Smith. How have you been?”

Alan Smith lives down the street for me. I grew up going to school with his oldest son and our families go to church together. But my heart sank because he is also one of the local police officers, and I could already guess why he was calling. But at first I pretended I was excited to hear from him.

Me: “I’ve been doing well! How about yourself?”

Officer Smith: “I’ve been good!”

I wanted to avoid the main subject as much as possible, so I thought of small talk conversations I could start, but he interrupted my thoughts with –

Smith: “Are you in a place you can talk for a bit?”

Me: “*sighhh* (quietly) Yeah.”

Smith: “I’ve had concerns about your family brought to my attention recently. *pause* Do you want to talk about it?”

I wanted to answer that I would very much NOT like to bring it up before I hung up the phone, but instead I sighed again, fought back some tears, and agreed to talk to him… He asked questions, I answered them. My roommates and Kenneth knocked on my door, but I ignored everyone until my conversation was over.

I anxiously anticipated this phone call for a long time and stressed because I thought it would never come. But I’ve been stressing a lot about it ever since I finally got it last Thursday afternoon…


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