2 birds, 1 stone

I am a Communications major, and one of my general requirements is to blog. The assignment was to blog about something I was passionate about. There were a lot of things I considered writing about because I thoroughly enjoy them – baseball, playing the piano, Pokemon – or because I knew a lot about the subject – men.

Yes, I considered creating a blog full of dating advice and detailed descriptions of the male brain. I don’t have a lot of female friends and spend the majority of my time around boys (which makes sense if you review my short list of enjoyments). But even though I know all about how men think and work, I realized I wouldn’t really be able to relate to a female audience. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of relationships with these guys I hang out with. But I’ve never had my heart broken by a boy. It’s not that I’ve never been dumped. I’ve just never been able to let it bother me. I always move on super quickly. And I can’t explain how. Sooooo I just scratched that idea…

I couldn’t figure out what I was “passionate about.” That is, until I received a possibly life-changing phone call this afternoon… Then I found a subject that I wouldn’t tire of and that would help me relieve some stress.

But now is the problem of finding the courage to start it….